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Simple but very clearly affects the refresh theme of i3internet. The design is suitable for any type of online store.

Blue Skin Theme
How the Modern Theme is published by Blue skin Magento Core. The theme works in the design of very serious and can be used for any shops. The theme is released under the Academic Free License (AFL).Best Magento Theme

Electronics Store
The Theme Electronics Store based on a table less design and works through the colour scheme very trustworthy.

Free HM Modern
Free HM Modern was designed by Hello Magento and can be used well for shops with electronic goods. The theme is also available in the variations of brown and white. The theme can be used freely.

Telescope Theme
Telescope Theme was developed by John Webber of the company magthemes. Telescope Theme is licensed under the Academic Free License (AFL).

Linen Theme
Also by John Webber comes the theme "Linen". As the name suggests, the layout uses a lot of the colour white. Linen Theme is also released under the Academic Free License (AFL).

Tealo Theme
The theme Tealo falls first on through his funky design. It works well for shops with youthful fashion. Currently the theme is vastly improved.

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