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The "MG Analytics" team is working as an SEO consulting agency which main activity is to research the competitors and market trends.

E-commerce SEO consulting

This site tells you a lot about internet marketing, search engine optimization and generally doing good business on the internet. It also tells you a lot about me and my SEO methodology. We have a track record of success in taking sites from Google oblivion to sustainable page one rankings for multiple keyword phrases in highly competitive markets.

To be sustainable my methods take a lot of work and patience.

  • We don’t take shortcuts,
  • We don’t use automated systems,
  • We don’t spin articles and we don’t employ any kind of black hat techniques.

It takes more time for me to get a site to page 1 than you might be promised by others BUT when we do get a site to page 1 it stays there long term.

This quality of work doesn’t come cheap but you’ll be banking the profits of my labour long after you’ve paid my invoice. In fact We won’t end up costing you anything, my job is to make you money.

Quality is very important to me. We don’t take every job. We’ll only work with clients who are also passionate about quality and service. If you think your business would benefit from my skills please feel free to contact me and we’ll talk.


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